The Silverbrands

"Have you the coin? We'll make it happen."


Whether sworn or paid, you count yourself among a band of mercenaries whose members range from rag-tag street kids to Ishgardian ex-military, from Xaelic warriors to Hingan priests. Few of us are what we seem, but all of us want a world better than the one we have now.

Perhaps you fight to protect those the laws fail to serve and find your niche in the vigilante justice the Silverbrands are sometimes paid to mete out.

Perhaps the rumor of voidhunters among our ranks inspired you to join them, to see if it’s true what they say about that dark world beyond the veil.

Perhaps you burn for a reason to bleed that goes beyond yourself, content for any excuse to swing your sword.

Perhaps you simply need the coin.

Whatever your reason, you belong to us now. We can be more than your allies; we can be your family. Stay with us long enough and the blood spilled will forge bonds that not even a mountain of gold will break. Your loyalty drives the dream that only steel can build.

Won’t you see it through?

But should you ever wish to leave, the rules are simple. You will take your freedom by the same blade you swore to us. Win, and you may depart unscathed. Lose, and your service continues.

You are welcome to claim a room at headquarters, of course. We own property in the Goblet with everything you need.

What you want, however, you must claim for yourself.


If you're interested in joining The Silverbrands, please take a look through these rules to get an idea for the expectations we have for engagement! There are different rules to look at if you actually join, but these are basic things the officers would like you to know:

We do not recruit on an OOC level, through shout chat or otherwise. If you are interested in joining, the best way to do so is through RP. Recruitment is always an IC process and is not guaranteed. Come to one of our events and get to know us!Our FC doesn't tolerate hatred or bigotry towards any group. This includes differences in sexuality, gender, race, religion, or pretty much anything else. Don't be an ass.You absolutely must be 18+ in order to be involved with us, period. ERP is okay. However, don’t let it be the reason you join or you won’t find much to do with us. Our FC can and will deal with some dark topics in RP. Certain themes that are common in the FFXIV universe are to be expected, like violence and sex, but if you're about to broach a very sensitive subject you'll be expected to have consent. If you don't get consent, don't be offended if somebody walks away from your plot or RP.We are not 100% lore-strict. We don't break lore, but we do play with what we are given. We do not tolerate blurring the lines between IC and OOC. It's normal to get passionate or perhaps even wrapped up in your character's emotions, but leave it at the door when the scene is over. We're adults playing pretend online, just writing stories with each other for fun. You are welcome to get involved and participate in our events and plots even if you already have your own FC that you don't plan on leaving. We have a Discord, but it's for members and associates only. Associates are the aforementioned friends who are in another FC but have been directly involved in our plots before.All this being said, we reserve the right to put a hard cap on the amount of people we bring into our plots. In the past, they've had a pretty huge scope and we have been hard-pressed to include everyone who poked us wanting to be involved. As always, the best way to get involved, is to be involved. Any natural integrations into the plot are fine, of course.


⚔ Silverbrands Fight Night ⚔

In an effort to train their bodies and keep their minds sharp, The Silverbrands have decided to host “fight nights” monthly between members, allies, and friends. They will take place in the evening (opening at 8-9 PM EST, fights begin at 9:30 PM EST) and will always take place on either a Sunday or a Saturday. They take place in the basement of the Silverbrands Estate, which is located in Balmung, Goblet, 9th Ward, Plot 43.

⚔ Friday Evening Hangouts ⚔

You can find members, staff, and associates mingling around The Silverbrands estate at week's end, just having a drink and starting to unwind.

The Silverbrands meet up weekly for casual RP in their estate every 2nd and 4th Friday evening. As a member or hopeful member, it's a good way to get to know each other and catch up with plot-related events.


We offer a variety of services ranging from personal guard, venue protection, escort of goods or persons anywhere within Eorzea, as well as long-term engagements. Our loyalty to our clients is unimpeachable. You will be satisfied with our service or you won't pay until you are.

If you are interested in contracting us, please fill out the form below with your in-game character name, a means of contacting you, as well as an overview of what services you are seeking. While we do our best to fulfill the needs of all clients, we do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Note: The form requires an email, unfortunately, but if you would prefer a different method of contact then please include it in the body of your inquiry.

Clients should expect to be the driving force behind the plot or mission they request the Silverbrands to complete. Consider it an opportunity to run a small event or to enjoy enthusiastic participants in a plot arc you are directing. Let us give you the spotlight!

Fight Night

Next Scheduled Fight Night: April 24th, 2021

Opens 8pm EST, fights begin 9:30pm EST

We love little more than an excuse to show off, either to each other or to potential clients. Prospective members can get a feel for the company while future clients can get a look at what their money can buy. Betting on matches is informal and strongly encouraged.

Before coming to the event, or when you first show up, contact a host or officer of The Silverbrands. They can link you to a fight sign-up sheet. You will be paired with a partner and your name will be called when it's your turn. The form includes a spot to let us know if you have to turn in earlier than others, so we can put your fight up front. If there’s enough time, there will be extra un-scheduled fights at the end of the night.

If you’re looking for an excuse to come and you don’t know anybody in The Silverbrands, feel free to assume a flyer advertising the event was plastered in one of the major city-states.

⚔ Rules ⚔

1. We use standard “Grindstone” sparring rules, meaning the first person to successfully land three hits (in /random rolls) will be the winner. If you have any confusion about how sparring plays out functionally, feel free to attend a Fight Night and just watch first!

2. There must always be at least one healer present during spars in case of emergency (this healer will be an NPC if no others are around).

3. No fighting dirty. It may be permitted if the characters agree on it beforehand!

4. Leave your ego at the door. We are all bested sometimes.

5. No magic may be used in spars unless both combatants are matched for it. If this is the case, it will be announced at the start of the fight.

Anybody who repeatedly fails to follow these rules will be ejected from the event and not permitted to return.

⚔ Types of Fights ⚔

Hand-to-hand combat: These fights will be simple bare-knuckled brawls. They are to be done without armor or weapons of any sort!

Training swords: A spar using a blunt, wooden training sword.

Training staves: A spar using a wooden training staff. No staves with metal pieces are allowed!

Training daggers: A spar using blunt, wooden training daggers.

Live steel: Any combination of weapon types may be matched during spars with live steel.

Magic permitted: A complication to the above that fighters may opt to allow.

Wrestling: Struggle until one opponent is pinned. Oil is optional.